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Rolfing® Structural Integration

I'm Driven To Learn
How To Increase Well Being

My curiosity about healing clearly benefits you as my client. Now you can work with a manual therapist whose broad skills help you overcome a wide range of physical issues -- to achieve a better experience in every aspect of your daily life.

Therapeutic applications have fascinated me ever since I began my Structural Integration practice in 1995. As a certified advanced Rolfer, I mainly apply the power of Rolfing® to heal.

Clinical orientation motivates me to learn osteopathic manual techniques as I train to become an Osteopath. I've also added skills in other modalities -- visceral manipulation, nerve manipulation, and craniosacral therapy.

Manual therapies are natural healing methods that can produce profound and lasting results. They evoke healthy body responses through hands-on, physical energy inputs. Various modes have existed for centuries, the most ancient probably being massage. Osteopathy and Rolfing® are more modern, powerful forms based on sophisticated understanding of body structure and function.

Manual therapists take advantage of tissue properties and our innate human self-righting tendency. We remove detrimental patterns and re-organize the body into a more functional system. You and I can tailor your sessions so they stimulate your desired enhancements -- such as chronic pain relief, better movement, or relief of some 'body malfunction.' Specific results depend upon your goals, focus, and your receptiveness.

Relief from what ails you may be only a phone call away.

You're invited to ask, "How can Rolfing® and other
manual therapies help me?"

To find out more, call today.

(425) 424-9349

Your initial session is entirely FREE with the following terms:

You have to experience manual therapy to understand it.  You need a session of Rolfing and Osteopathic style therapy to see how it is to work with me and perceive the changes in your body.  Then you'll know enough to make a good decision.  Your first session is offered free of charge to remove financial risk for you.

Please know one session is never enough.  Your first session comes free with an assumption that if you continue Rolfing, you'll return to accomplish the goals we agree are right for you, if we are a good match.  By booking a session you agree to these terms. Thank you for choosing to work with me.

-- Misha Noonan

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"Misha, I can't thank you enough for your time and attention to my physical issues. . .

It's been several weeks since I have seen you and I am still enjoying relative pain freedom.  I moved over the weekend so I am paying for that somewhat.  But compared to when I first saw you, I am 99% better. There is nothing better than sharing your gift and I am so grateful that you share yours. You have changed my life. Can't say that about too many people. I am eternally grateful our paths crossed."

-- Brandy Ritts, Mercer Island, WA, Mother of 2, Yoga Teacher